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Фата з обручем

Model: Accessories 008

All dresses are made in our studio in Kiev.

You won’t have to wait, if the dress with right size is available, we will ship it immediately. Standard production takes from 1 to 6 months. Urgent orders takes up to 5 days with additional payment. We give discount for early booking: 7% - from 6 months, 10% - from 9 months, 15% - from 12 months.

The color of any model can be changed. A dress in a milk shade goes with base price, price for a dress in different color will rise. It is also possible to mix the details of dresses (skirts, bodices) of our models.

We provide custom made order service. This service requires more time, the price for it is calculated individually.

We ship our dresses worldwide. The shipment is free.

The shipment details discussed individually, depending on your region.

International shipping takes 2-3 weeks.

Express shipment within 3-5 days is charged additionally.

Модель: cinema 008
Опис: фата з обручем. Прикраса кріпиться до волосся невидимками за гілочки.
Матеріали: кришталь, скло, шовк, металеві декоративні обіймачи, дріт і основа обруча
Фата із м’яких сіток
Колір: молочний/білий
Прикрасу можна замовити окремо
Доставка по всьому світу. Термін та вартість доставки обговорюється індивідуально, залежно від вашого регіону