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All the apparels made by Cathy Telle are presented at «wedding dress» site section.

You can purchase or find more information about Cathy Telle dresses at our studio, Pankovska street 17, Kyiv.

All fittings are arranged only by appointments. For fitting appointment please call 380 67 46 000 43

If you are not in Kiev, you can send a request by e-mail [email protected] or using the feedback form on our website below «contacts».

In case any dress from our collection is not available, you can always preorder it.

You can fill out request form on the website under the dress you liked or e-mail us [email protected] and our managers will help you to make a purchase.

When you make an order you will receive our size chart and a detailed photo instruction on how you can take your measurements. Please inform us if you have any diverging from standard size parameter so that we are able to find best solution for you.

Please note, that we produce apparel based on size chart provided before. We do not bear responsibility for or inappropriate body measurements or size provided by customer.

It’s best to make any adjustments and alterations after you’ll receive the dress. It will help to avoid any measurement inaccuracies, posture indeterminacy and body changes after-effect and other cases that invariably accompany the making process of a dress, which is expected to fit perfectly.

If the dress is available it will be shipped to you immediately.

Tailoring period is discussed individually depending on the selected dress model. The deadline will be mentioned in contract after the date is approved.

Minimum time period for making a dress is 2 weeks.

It certainly is possible. But you have to remember that any change in basic dress model involves additional costs, which automatically place your order in the category of custom tailoring. All the details of such order are discussed individually.

Any dress can be made in a white/milk color. Please note that if the main dress color is changed we will choose similar to basic model of the dress lace and decorations.

Changing color for alternative (not white or milk) automatically place your order in the category of custom tailoring. All the details are discussed with a sales manager.

We make shipping our dresses around the world.

Depending on your country we choose a service the cost and terms of delivery of which will meet your needs. Shipping cost is not included in the dress price.

Delivery time depends on chosen delivery service

We make custom design dress. Conditions and cost are discussed individually.

We recommend choosing nude lingerie or undergarment, as Cathy Telle dresses are made of thin fabrics, using soft and thin gauzy lining.

You can also use silicone cups or backless bra for an open back dress.

Floor length or slightly longer (5-7 cm) are the best option for skirts made of soft fabrics. On choosing the floor length cut of skirt please remember that each new layer should be slightly longer than the previous one, to undercover the rest lower layers of the skirt.

Well-fitted, which means tightly laced. Corset bones tend to deform if not laced tightly. If you don’t feel accustomed to corset-wearing you can always choose a non-corset dress.

If you have a C-cup or bigger/larger bust you should look for a dress you can wear with bra. Thus, the right bra will help to create a seamless look and provide support.

Pay attention to the period of time in which you will wear a dress: it might be worth to wait with measurements as much as possible getting closer to the wedding date. You can always ask for urgent order, e-mailing sales department in advance.

Consider the waistline: choosing a high waistline model will save you from dress size risk.